Dental Braces - Rutherford New Jersey

Dental braces are an effective way to straightening of your teeth that results in improvement of how the  teeth function and how the teeth look. Opting for dental braces can also help a person takes care of the  long-term health of teeth and gums as it helps distributing the biting pressure among the teeth.

Should you have braces? 

There are many dental issues that may require to wear dental branches, it is advised to consult an  orthodontist to assess your dental health and decide. Some of the reasons for you may need dental braces  are:  

Appearance of your smile

Underbite or Overbite issues

Overjet issues 

Spacing between your teeth

Overcrowded teeth

Although over 7 years of age can get dental braces, adults can also opt for it if they have good oral health, if  you stay in Rutherford New Jersey and would like to know more about the procedure, feel free to reach us  out.  

Types of Dental Braces 

The orthodontist will suggest the most suitable appliance based on your specific need, the most popular  types of braces are: 

Metal Braces

These are traditional braces made of metal, having brackets that attached to the front of the teeth or bands  that fit around the tooth.  


Invisalign® corrects the same dental problems as traditional metal braces; the only difference is that  Invisalign® trays are almost invisible to the naked eye, and can be removed at will. 

Our patients responded extremely well to the orthodontic treatments. If you want to regain confidence in your smile or have more questions about our dental braces procedure in Rutherford NJ please ask one of our dentists, feel free to reach out at 2014385100 or click here to book an appointment.